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Construction Information
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Construction News

This year, students and staff will be navigating WEST while it is actively under construction. Because of that, please know that our first priority will be maintaining the safety of all students and staff. To ensure that we have a safe school environment, portions of the building have been closed and designated solely for contractor use, while the majority of the building will remain open for student access. The primary areas affected by the construction this year are the gym lobby and the rear hallway. There is a portion of the rear hallway that has been closed off to allow contractors access to the courtyard without jeopardizing student safety. This will change some traffic patterns in the hallways, but will still allow students access to all of their classes. The gym lobby portion of the project continues to be fenced off and internal student access to this area has been removed. Parents, please know that each of these areas will be closed and locked at the end of each shift to prevent students from accessing them. We will reiterate this to the student body on Monday the 28th, but we are asking you to please communicate with your children about the importance of staying out of these construction zones until they are completed. Thank you!

Internal Expectations:

There will be a number of places that look different when students return. Students should anticipate corridor ceilings to be removed in some locations, plywood covering windows adjacent to work zones, and partitions along some walls where old classrooms are being renovated. Hallways and classrooms will be cleared of construction materials by the opening of school, and our custodial team is working intently to get the building cleaned and ready for our student body.

External Expectations:

There are now a number of fenced areas around campus. Each of these areas has been established to ensure student safety and ensure that they do not have access to construction materials and equipment. Contractors will be in and out of these areas each day and will secure them at the end of their shifts. Parking has been reduced on campus but will be similar to how we concluded last school year. The rear of the band lot will once again be designated for contractor parking only. Seniors will be able to park on campus using the DMS lot and the front portion of the Band lot. However, juniors will need to utilize the DYW parking lot for the entirety of the school year. Students must not park in unmarked spaces or staff lots. Traveling teachers need to be able to park on campus when they arrive and all traffic lanes must remain open for emergency personnel as well as school and construction deliveries.

Looking forward:

I am looking forward to writing you at this time next year when we anticipate opening our newly renovated facility for our entire community to enjoy! We will work to keep you informed about the progress of the project, and as always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly.