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Application Boot Camp for Class of 2025

Application Boot Camp for Class of 2025

In an effort to support our seniors as they begin the college application process, we will be running an Application Boot Camp on Monday, August 19th – the week before school starts. To attend, please register here – Application Boot Camp 2024.

  1. Two sessions will be held that day. 
    1. Session #1 will run from 9 AM - 11 AM. 
    2. Session #2 will run from 1 PM - 3 PM. 
  2. Each session will be divided into two(2) one-hour parts. 
    1. Part I focuses on application account creation, navigating Naviance, connecting Naviance to applications, and information on the various application portals that colleges use.
    2. Part II provides time for 1 v. 1 work with a school counselor on actual applications. Students do not have to stay for Part II.
  3. There is no cost for the boot camp and it will be held in the Downingtown WEST Library. 

* Please note that we plan to hold the boot camp in person.  A copy of the presentation will be made available to all students after it is run on August 22nd.*